Allergy Testing

Cindy Stockhall Dip Ber


I first became interested in Allergy Testing 16 years ago. At the time I seemed to be was constantly ill for many years, then my friend suggested that  I should have an allergy test,

After much consideration and investigation I finally took the decision and had a test carried out.
After a while I was amazed with how having the test changed my life, for the first time in many years I felt good and the constant feeling of being poisoned had gone, I also lost weight which I never could do before.
I was so impressed I joined Allergy test UK in 2007 and passed my Diploma in Bio -Electronic Regulatory Medicine (BER) and took many courses in Anatomy and Physiology also courses on supplements.
I have been enjoying helping so many people with all sorts of ailments due to food intolerances.
Skin issues
Digestive Disorders
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Anxiety and depression
And much much more.

Is pain free and non-intrusive
It involves over 200 foods and environmental’s and free Vitamin and Mineral deficiency test, Candida test and some organ testing and much more.

You may need some supplements in order to bring your gut back to harmony, more and more people these days have gut Dysbiosis
You will go home with immediate results plus an elimination plan.
You will be asked to come back after 8 weeks for a retest so we can monitor your progress and to see if you can safely reintroduce any offending foods .
You may need a few retests to get you where you need to be.
One hour could change your life.

Charges are: Full test £75, retest £45.

For more info:
Please call Cindy on 07747800097 only. Do not contact the clinic as I deal with my own bookings.
Or contact