Penny has been practicing Zero Balancing for 8 years. She brings a wealth of life experience to every client
through her various different avenues of work.

Whether you are:-
In pain & not sleeping well
Finding it difficult to cope
Recovering from ,
Trying to be perfect for others
Failing to achieve your own high goals
Zero Balancing with its deep listening and gentle body work can subtly address these issues, and help bring you ‘back to life’.
Get yourself back on your path, with a new luminosity. Find a lightness and a laughter again.

Fritz Smith brought ZB into being from a background in Acupuncture, Osteopathy & general medical practice – it is a therapy
that works with the structure (bones & joints) and the energy of the body.

People also come for ZB to keep themselves well – an idea that in the West might seem strange. But why wait to become ill?
Why not stay well, and raise your level of wellness.

Penny has also completed a training in Soul Midwifery – working alongside those who are coming to the end of life. Please get
in touch for more information.
To book a session:-

Phone: 07342 979393
Info about ZB: