Our Psychotherapy Professionals

Cas Bourne-Jones, Psychotherapist 


I run a private Psychotherapy Practice at The Lansdown Clinic and offer affordable psychotherapy in a safe, confidential and welcoming environment.

Coming from a humanistic and integrative perspective enables me to work with you in offering a compassionate and accepting therapy in order that we can explore hidden, buried or distressing experiences. Sometimes we meet difficult challenges and relationships in our lives, which could form unhealthy blocks to our normal happy and healthy living.

We may –

  • have buried or unwanted feelings that keep resurfacing causing pain and suffering
  • be struggling in coming to terms with loss and grief
  • have a desire to understand our anger, frustration or fear
  • be facing depression or anxiety which has become too much to bear
  • be experiencing relational trauma
  • feel overwhelmed with relational difficulties


People explore therapy for many different reasons, which are unique to the individual. Therapy can help in rebuilding new pathways to knowing ourselves. I am offering an empathic listening space for you to be heard, my presence on a safe and trusting journey and my commitment to issues around connection and identity.

Psychotherapy can be long term and open ended or time limited – this is a personal decision and we can work together on deciding what best suits your needs. I believe that when one can find trust and dialogue in the therapeutic relationship, there is an opportunity for creativity and healing.

Whilst in private practice, I am also studying for an MA in Humanistic & Integrative Psychotherapy at BCPC, Bath Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling, in which I am in my final stages. BCPC is a professional body, which is accredited by UKCP, United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy; I am a registered and accredited member. I am legally bound in following their Codes of Ethics and Practice.

Please contact me via The Lansdown Clinic, by email: ccabj.psychotherapy@gmail.comor by phone or text: 07856662304

Randa Bott


Are you overwhelmed by pressures of life, stuck in a rut, repeating negative patterns, facing Trauma, health scare or trying to find a way out of depression, anxiety or dark thoughts?

Maybe you are having relationship difficulties, suffering bereavement, feeling isolated, lonely or simply want to take charge of your life and make changes to the way you think and relate to family, friends and colleagues.

This can bring up challenging questions or memories too unsettling to think about on your own. By meeting together on a regular basis in the safety of my comfortable consulting room, we can attempt to confront your fears and find ways to approach life’s obstacles in a manageable way, kindling the potential for positive change.

Previous to becoming a psychotherapist I worked in the creative industry and ran my own company. This experience gave me an interest in issues around Stress, Anger, Anxiety, Failure, Shame, Creative and motivational blocks; unhealthy co-dependent relationships and living with difference such as spiritual, religious, sexuality or cultural difference in our personal life and at work.

I am a Psychotherapist in my senior year of training with the Bath Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling studying for a MA in Humanistic & Integrative Psychotherapy.

I have over 4 years work experience with private clients.

Contact me to arrange an initial meeting. This is an opportunity for us to find out more about each other and decide on the best path to take.

07515271474 or randabott@gmail.comlansdownpress-1