Our Reflexology Professionals

Sarah Durrant, Reflexologist, BSc HONS, MSc, MAR

Sarah trained as a reflexologist at the Bath Reflexology Centre, she then received specialist training in fertility and conception reflexology with Barbara Scott, a leading holistic fertility expert.

Sarah initially worked in a scientific field; graduating in Biomedical Science and gaining an MSc in Medical Diagnostics. She has a wealth of scientific experience working in clinical hospital laboratories as well as research and development in the diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries.

Reflexology is a gentle and relaxing complementary therapy which aids the body in eliminating toxins and boosting the immune system whilst restoring energy and balance. Reflex areas in the feet, as well as hands, correspond to every gland, organ and part of the body. Stimulation of these specific points can affect the corresponding area and help to alleviate problem areas and restore balance in the body. Reflexology may help relieve any condition, Sarah has found the following respond particularly well to this form of treatment:

  • Stress
  • Digestive disorders such as IBS/constipation
  • Sleep disorders
  • Back/Neck/Shoulder pain
  • Migraines/headaches
  • Menstrual problems

As well as providing general reflexology, Sarah specialises in fertility and conception. Since having her three children she has become very aware of the difficulties couples can have conceiving and the many issues surrounding fertility and pregnancy.

Sarah uses her specialist knowledge and experience to tailor treatments to individual needs.

Reproductive Reflexology is exceptionally beneficial for:

  • Helping regulate menstrual cycles
  • Supporting your body during ovulation and egg implantation
  • Supporting women alongside IVF
  • Maintaining good health during pregnancy
  • Helping your body prepare for labour

For more information please visit my website: reflexologybysarah.co.uk.

If you would like to book an appointment please contact me via the E-mail address or phone number below:


07974 019 348