Martin Matthews

“He is friendly and takes the time to listen, and then help solve my health issues. He is very professional and his depth of knowledge and experience are exceptional”. Adam B.

“Martin has been looking after me and my family for 25 years. I tried other osteopaths when he was in Australia and am so glad he is back. Simply nobody else will do”. Simon S.

“I am new the area and was looking for a special kind of osteopath like I had in London. I was very impressed with what I saw on the website, and decided to see if it was as good as it sounded. I am happy to say that I had a great experience and I will continue to see and recommend Martin Matthews.  He is very concerned with his patients well-being”. Sarah L.

 “I work in an office job 8 hours a day and sitting for so long took its toll on my lower back. I started visiting Martin Matthews and instantly felt the difference. Not only did Martin help with the back pain but also gave me advice on how I could maintain core strength that would aid in my rehabilitation”. Charles W.

 “I’m a very active person and participate in a number of different sports but I’ve always had lower back pain without any obvious reason. Since being treated by Martin I’ve been able to manage my lower back problems properly so that I can get on with my life”. Elizabeth R.

“When my baby wouldn’t sleep it seemed like it would never end. After  one visit things started to improve and thanks to Martin we can now all have a full nights sleep”. Emily E.

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Katie Guthrie

I initially asked Katie for help because I was scared of running down hill in slippy conditions, this came on suddenly after years of not even thinking about it. Katie also helped me address some chronic deep seeded issues with self confidence and low-esteem, so not only did she help me with my primary problem, that actually became super easy to solve, she helped me in my everyday life. This included helping me to find the confidence to change jobs, as well as giving me the tools to unlock potential in my running capabilities. I went from a runner that needed to be assisted by two other runners to walk down a hill to a confident runner down hill and across mud! So much so that I got selected to race in Brussels for the Iris Lotto Cup twice, won the Sodbury Slog and set new course records in Fell racing! Hypnotherapy also gave me new found confidence in my road races capabilities too and more importantly gave me the skills to learn how to relax and switch off from work in the evenings. Katie changed my life and gave me the tool to take control and feel empowered. Debbie, Elite runner 

“I went to Katie because I am set to give a best man speech and was petrified at the thought! I had suffered from social anxiety most of my adult life and just didn’t think I could go through with it, without help.
I had tried hypnotherapy several years ago for social anxiety but without success. What sets Katie aside from other hypnotherapists is that she firstly listens to what it is you want to achieve and then begins to dive beneath the surface, to understand the root of the problem, rather than automatically retracing and blaming childhood experiences.
After my sessions with Katie I came out feeling so positive. I felt and acted like I was so much more in control. I am now feeling more relaxed when I’m with people, so am able to think with more clarity and conversations in general seem to come more naturally. I certainly feel the up and coming best man speech isn’t the insurmountable task I once thought it to be!” Steve